Super Duos
Official Website
Bicoastal Productions

Dennis Warner & The Ds
Official Website

Sumo Seven
Official Website

Paul David (collaborator)

Maiden Dixie (where Alex served as guitarist/vocalist & music director for 3½ years):
Official Website
Facebook artist page
Instagram account

The Fifth Avenue Revue (where Alex served as guitarist & creative director for 4 years):
Meat Loaf Tribute promo (mixed by Alex)
Facebook artist page (no longer operating)

Wesley Berger (collaborator & co-mixer):
Facebook artist page
Windward Peaks on Bandcamp

Andrew Saltmarsh (album artwork):
Toehider Bandcamp
Toehider Facebook
Toehider Patreon
Salty’s website
Salty’s Art Facebook page
Salty’s Store 

Spencer Schoeneman (drummer):
Spencer’s Website

Chris Kline (collaborator):
Narrow Vines

Devin Tomczik (percussionist):
Black Isle Bellydance (where Alex served on guitar/Oud/bouzouki/sitar/bass in 2018)
Black Isles Bellydance Bandcamp
Facebook artist page

Greatest guitar store on Earth:
Willie’s American Guitars

Alex’s Favorite Gear:
Music Man Guitars & Basses
Ernie Ball Strings
Couch Guitar Straps
Jim Dunlop Picks & Accessories
Fractal Audio
Mesa/Boogie Amps & Cabs